The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose
Hada Bejar

Windsor Leadership

17 April 2011

Pinky spoke to a group of senior leaders at a Windsor Leadership Trust programme held at Windsor Castle on 17th April 2012. The Trust brings together senior leaders from all sectors of society including business, military, government, charity and faith groups, to discuss the leadership challenges they face today. Here is what a few of them said about Pinky’s talk:

“Pinky demonstrated a tremendous generosity of spirit and was inspiring in her ability to make things happen – the benefits of good networking came through very clearly in her operating style and her way of marshalling this network in support of her programmes was inspiring”
Senior leader from the Banking sector, 2012

“It was refreshing to hear from someone who has remained true to herself in what must be a challenging and cut-throat environment”
Military leader, RAF, 2012