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Ruth Smeltzer

Women's Conference - Harmony Evolution towards Perfection

12 November 2013

On 3rd December 2013, Pinky Lilani will be Speaker at the Women’s Conference, which is a prelude to the 6th biennial International Women’s Conference that will be held in
Bangalore in February 2014.

The conference showcases the success that women leaders have had in leading transformation in society and aims to inspire the future generations of women. The upcoming Conference is focused on exploring the role of women in bringing about harmony in an increasingly violent world. The link between inner and outer peace will also be explored, with leading women sharing their stories and approaches, as well as tools and techniques to promote peace at different levels.

“Your multifaceted personality and your vision for women empowerment has been an inspiration for women
all over the UK. It will be an honour to have you grace the occasion as a speaker, drawing upon your experiences and sharing your stories of evolution as a leader and your stories of helping others recognize their leadership potential.”

The conference is being held in Regent’s University London,
Regent’s Park, and is being hosted by the International Association for Human Values and the Art of Living Foundation.