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Pinky Lilani

Foreign Office visit

03 March 2014

School girls from the Women of the Future Ambassadors program benefited from a day at the Foreign and Commonwealth office.

“A-Level politics students from Mulberry School for Girls who visited the Foreign and Commonwealth Office described it as an ‘eye-opening experience like no other’. They thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to speak with senior diplomats, and learn about their career journey and experience at the FCO. All students who attended were amazed by the international positions and development opportunities offered. They were convinced that a career in international relations, particularly at the FCO, was for them! This was the first time they visited the FCO and met Foreign Office officials – the impact this had on their future outlook and career perspective was astounding.

The students who attended, and Mulberry School, would like to thank Pinky Lilani and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for organising this visit.”