The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated
William James

Pinky's visit to KPMG

03 June 2014

Pinky inspired with her wok at KPMG, Canada Square in London on the 10th June.

Some KPMG audience feedback:

“Such an engaging speaker – she was able to capture the audience with her unusual approach and fascinating stories. Her zest for life shines through, and she added a real feel good factor to the event. Delicious Bombay potatoes!”
“Great advice and encouragement for future career and family planning, the one that stayed in my mind particularly was Pinky’s statement “always dream”.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed Pinky’s presentation. She managed to go beyond a standard discussion of career and jobs to principles to live your life by. I feel confident I am not the only one trying to develop a mantra to live by after that event.”